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The world of work is rapidly reconfiguring as old structures, processes, and tools fail to accommodate the shifting needs of both workers and employers. Accelerating this transformation is the influx of Gen Zs—the largest generation in the workforce by 2030. Unlike older cohorts, Gen Z will not accept the current world of work (Work 2.0), which directly conflicts with Gen Z’s core beliefs and principles. Instead, they will ratify Work 3.0, a new vision of work that precisely maps to the values of their generation. 

The Irregular Report: Work is the result of three years of research. It offers a broad vision of the future and lays the groundwork for a series of written, virtual, and live intergenerational debates over the next year. To hold continued space for these conversations, we are launching Irregular Hours, a platform dedicated to exploring, reimagining, and co-creating the future of Work.

Gen Z Editor: Lucas LaRochelle