Our process is simple: Research, Insights, Opportunities, Build. Sometimes we only do research; sometimes we build, that just depends on a client’s objective. That said, the best results come when clients utilize our closed-loop innovation system to test, build, test, refine (rinse and repeat), and, when the process is complete, market and deploy using our global community of thought-leaders and micro-influencers. Simple.

***The Rule***

We live by one rule: Let Them Lead. If you hope to build things that Gen Zs want and need, you must get out of their way and let them lead. Meaning, Gen Z community members are part of every step, as leaders and participants.



Interests is a primary rank, along with age, gender, ethnicity, and location, in our taxonomic hierarchy. Why? Because a Gen Z's passions are fundamental to their identity(s) and have a profound impact on how they think and behave.


SPEAK gen-z

1) All qualitative research has a Gen Z Director on the frontline.

2) Our research methodology puts creativity and mixed media at the center, allowing Gen Zs to intuitively express themselves using video, image, word, and sound.


collaboration rules

Each project is led by a Gen Z Director and a non-Gen Z Strategist; working side-by-side for more meaningful and actionable results.



If you want to build successful products, technologies, and experiences for Gen Z, and the future, you must invite them into the process. We do. It works.