If you want to prepare for the future, you need to work with the future. And that is exactly what we help you do. Irregular Labs builds and activates bespoke micro-communities so clients can unlock new opportunities. Regardless of whether we are running a study, developing a new product, or launching a micro-influencer campaign, everything starts with Gen Zs as thinkers, makers, and partners. The fact is, our global braintrust, young and old, lets us go beyond quantitative and qualitative data to solve business problems, achieve strategic objectives, and evolve organizations.

Learning Network

The Learning Network is basically the left side of the Irregular Labs brain. It is where we process, synthesize, and analyze our quantitative and qualitative research, distilling it down to actionable insights. Reports, talks, interventions, and briefings, the Learning Network identifies and articulates opportunities and challenges, strategies and steps.

Trend Talks
Bespoke Reports
Research Dossiers
Gen Z Interventions
Data Library Membership

Innovation Lab

If the Learning Network is the left brain, the Innovation Lab is the right—a place for intuition, creativity, and imagination. This is where, with a strategic and analytic foundation, we “deliberately wander” aka work with a clear objective but remain creatively and intellectually porous, so as to discover unexpected innovations. From rapid prototyping to content creation, we use what we know and what we’ve learned to build products, markets, and technologies for the future, side-by-side with clients and Gen Zs.

Content Creation
Rapid Prototyping
Innovation Sprints
Micro-Influencer Programs
Strategic & Creative Development


Our reports are a solution to a problem: the proliferation of articles, reports, and research on Gen Z that relegates them to passive participants in their own narrative resulting in significant inaccuracies. Time for an unfiltered, uncensored, and unapologetic look at Gen Z by Gen Z. From the biannual Irregular Reports to the Trend and Culture Reports, that is exactly what we do.

Irregular Reports

Irregular Reports

The Irregular Report is the first report 100% created about Gen Zs by Gen Zs, in partnership with strategists, cultural anthropologists, journalists, and semioticians. Each report looks at a pressing, but overlooked or misunderstood macro trend; asking the questions urgently needed in order to provide companies, political organizations, and nonprofits with the level of nuance and specificity required for making faster and better decisions.

Culture Reports

Culture Reports

The Culture Report is your very own cultural concierge—a collection of the most creative and original things happening in art and music, gaming, film and television, fashion, social media and digital, beauty, and pop culture. We select the people, brands, experiences, and trends that meet our high standards when it comes to creativity, originality, quality, and purpose— irrespective of age or audience.

Trend Reports

Trend Reports

With our global community, Irregular Labs mines the cracks and interstitialities where trends incubate and materialize; in turn, identifying tomorrow's opportunities and anticipating seismic shifts—social, cultural, and political. Only by occupying and accessing cultural frontiers can you fully prepare for the future.