Irregular Reports

The Irregular Report is the first report 100% created about 
Gen Zs by Gen Zs, in partnership with strategists, cultural anthropologists, journalists, and semioticians. Each report looks at a pressing, but overlooked or misunderstood macro trend; asking the questions urgently needed in order to provide companies, political organizations, and nonprofits with the level of nuance and specificity required for making faster 
and better decisions.
Report cover for Influence

Influence NO.01


Understanding influence, knowing how 
to build it, and, most importantly, how to 
use it, are critical to effective marketing 
and business strategies. But in the wake 
of Millennial culture, the words "influence" 
and "influencer" are misunderstood and meaningless. The Irregular Report: Influence offers the building blocks to better understand how Gen Zs define influence and the impact it has on their behaviors, 
as consumers and producers. With 450 pages of data, case studies, videos, and editorial, the report demonstrates that if 
you want to get Gen Z's attention, you better understand the global trends of influence.

Gen Z Editor: Amanda Gorman

Report cover for Fluidity

Fluidity NO.02


The world is entering a period where borders, boundaries, and binaries are rapidly dissolving. Fluidity is a product of, and response to, that reality; one in which the rules and structures of old no longer apply. As the report reveals, fluidity is key to understanding not only Gen Z but also the future; a future where fragmentation is the new normal, representing a spectacular shift in how we envision ourselves and our place in the world—a movement in thought and behavior being led by Gen Z.

With 850+ pages of videos, lists, essays, data, and case studies, straight from their mouths and minds, The Irregular Report: Fluidity digs into and dissects all things fluid: the what and why as well as the how—how it will impact critical systems 
like culture and creativity, economics, education, gender, and politics.

Gen Z Editor: Nicolaia Rips

Report cover for Regeneration

Regeneration NO.03


We are in an unprecedented moment, tiptoeing through crumbling systems, committing to building better. However, to build better, we must understand why current systems and structures failed in the first place. We must understand the foundation upon which we will build and the tools with which we do so. Armed with 60 carefully selected Gen Z futurists from 17 countries, The Irregular Report #3 offers a proposition—or perhaps a provocation—for anyone wanting to build better: Regeneration.

The result of this study is a fictional settlement, RGF_1, in Antarctica; a world that explores and illustrates the principles of Regeneration—Equity, Co-Creation, Inclusivity, Purpose Creativity, Transparency, Circularity, Ephemerality, and Fluidity—that will inform future social, political, and economic systems, as well as key Regenerative trends such as Autonomous Co-Creation, Fluid Leadership, and Empathetic Innovation. Visit RGF_1 to discover what it looks like to build better.

Gen Z Editor: Remi Riordan

Culture Reports

The Culture Report is your very own cultural concierge—
a collection of the most creative and original things happening 
in art and music, gaming, film and television, fashion, social 
media and digital, beauty, and pop culture. We select the people, brands, experiences, and trends that meet our high standards 
when it comes to creativity, originality, quality, and purpose— 
irrespective of age or audience.
Report cover for Failed Authenticity

Failed Authenticity NO.01


This report looks at "failed authenticity" 
in the form of an Ariana Grande video and the growing trend we lovingly refer to as 
"Ho Hum Wholesomeness;" as well as a range of micro-trends such as fashion's Aesthetics of Sustainability, the “Facebook Mom” vibes on social media, and how Gen Zs' true influencers are themselves. Additionally, we dive into Instagram's Process Porn, look at the all-girl Chinese e-sports team, Re-Girls, and music's rising star, Snail Mail aka Lindsay Jordan shares her top things of influence.
Report cover for Coming Soon

Coming Soon NO.02



Trend Reports

With our global community, Irregular Labs mines the cracks 
and interstitialities where trends incubate and materialize; in 
turn, identifying tomorrow's opportunities and anticipating seismic shifts—social, cultural, and political. Only by occupying and accessing cultural frontiers can you fully prepare for the future.
Report cover for Coming Soon

Gaming NO.01


The term "gaming" does NOT simply refer to games and the people who 
play them. Instead, it is a social content and experience system that, at 
its most successful, is decentralized, open source, and highly lucrative. 
So much so that Netflix’s 2018 Annual Report identified the game Fortnite as a bigger threat to their profits than HBO or Hulu. Meaning, gaming is 
no longer fringe; it sits at the center of pop culture, driving trends in fashion, beauty, art, music, and film. Our report looks at game culture, 
with a focus on the U.S. and China, and explains why learning from and engaging with the global game ecosystem is the single most important tactic for asserting cultural relevance and surviving new frontiers, irrespective of industry.