Regeneration Regeneration


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We are in an unprecedented moment, tiptoeing through crumbling systems, committing to building better. However, to build better, we must understand why current systems and structures failed in the first place. We must understand the foundation upon which we will build and the tools with which we do so. Armed with 60 carefully selected Gen Z futurists from 17 countries, The Irregular Report #3 offers a proposition—or perhaps a provocation—for anyone wanting to build better: Regeneration.

The result of this study is a fictional settlement, RGF_1, in Antarctica; a world that explores and illustrates the principles of Regeneration—Equity, Co-Creation, Inclusivity, Purpose Creativity, Transparency, Circularity, Ephemerality, and Fluidity—that will inform future social, political, and economic systems, as well as key Regenerative trends such as Autonomous Co-Creation, Fluid Leadership, and Empathetic Innovation. Visit RGF_1 to discover what it looks like to build better.

Gen Z Editor: Remi Riordan